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JBC was established in 1993 for the purpose of importing and selling electronic parts, equipment and emi-conductors in Japan.
Since then, under the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the development of the electronic industry in Japan", JBC have been cultivating an advanced commodity and been offering those products with latest information to the need of its customers. JBC also is introducing important electronic parts and equipments discontinued or not available on the market, to the customers and for this, we are confident that we have been contributed to the industry.

Aside from distributing the electronic equipment and semi-conductors, JBC is to collect up-to-date information from the U.S.A., Europe and /or Asian countries and provide them to the customers. In addition, we understand the "Compliance" is the important element and we will take all necessary measure to solve troubles immediately when it occurs by the cooperation and coordination of makers and distributors of the products.
Within the organization, we always try to examine the various aspects of the things now on the market and also studying new technologies to comply with the needs from the customer.

Electronic Parts・Semi-conductors

Accepting the order from minimum 1 piece of the parts.

→Electronic Parts・Semi-conductors


Refabricated container for Warehouse, Office is also available



We provide with the following services:
Sale of new and used car
Inspection and maintenance for vehicle
Repair and Paint