JBC Inc.


JBC handles Cars and Motorbike with care by licensed and experienced staff. We have business relationship with all Japanese Automobile makers and with their agents. Therefore, we can supply to the customer all kinds of domestic cars and of imported cars from overseas. Export/import service is also available on request.

Regarding used car, we will find suitable cars of requested models, colors and conditions by the customer and will be delivered to the customer as soon as the completion of the maintenance at our factory.

We repair damages from small dent/scratch to the damage on the frame of the car with high quality service and skills. We understand that repairs and pants works to the car is the important factor to maintain the quality of the car therefore, we always take ample time to repairs and paints. You may think it will take too much time till you receive your car but we believe you will see the difference on the quality when you receive the car. Speedy repairs and paints is also possible.

We purchase your car in cash. If you want to sell your car, please feel free to contact us so we will submit you with best possible price quotation for your car.

Customize and dress up by various parts to inside/outside of your car is possible. We arrange and make "only one" car to your satisfaction.

We handle the application of various documents to the concerned authorities on behalf of the customer.The car is the assets and sometimes necessary to submit complicated documents to offices concerned. Please leave it to us and we will be glad to solve the problem for you.

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